Wellhead missing the sanitary cap

Do you recommend water testing for any contaminants?

Most definitely. Sanitize, recap, wait 24 hours, and test.

I guess maybe, with all the vandalism going around in some areas.

I would check if the water pump is still there…

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Which contaminants would you recommend testing for? Or would you recommend wide spectrum testing. Maybe recommend contacting the local health department and asking them that question, eh?

Refer to your state health department

Common sense says to test the well for environmental contamination, Critters can fall into the well, bird droppings, and human intervention promoting the growth of bacteria, Why not a full spectrum water test? Would you feel safe drinking it?

Yes, and it changes by city area and underground aquifer flow I have found.


I did a semi-full spectrum water sampling for testing, some of which had to be sent to a state university to be tested. And, the cost the buyer something like $1,700.00. There was an old dump and an old uniform cleaning business near the lake front home they wanted. It came back reasonably safe where a water conditioner could handle it.

Are we talking privet well or city water supply? I spent around 300.00 at my house for a full spectrum water test 3 years ago.

She was a wiz at studying what she wanted to know about and the water testing ws no different, even though the contamination sites were a mile or more from the home.

With many places in the mountains here mining operations are a concern, and it’s different out on the plains, and the environmental contaminants can vary locally pretty much anywhere, but I think the things Scott mentioned are the main concern with a missing sanitary cap.
I didn’t realize testing was so expensive.

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They were probably testing for toxic chemicals? The cost is more.

Oh, definitely!

Sop don’t require we check private wells , you can mention it to buyer in report. Here in N.J seller is required to have test prior to selling, and test required vary from county to county

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Robert, have you checked your website lately? It took me to goofy places.


It took me to goofy places like Youtube, Amazon, etc.

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I would have tested per FHA/VA specs.
Here’s one where the copper was over 200x higher than normal. YUM!

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That’s right, but it’s an ancillary service inspectors can charge for, assuming they meet any requirements. I found a company founded at the University of CAlifornia, Berkeley, that offers 3 different levels of well water testing, $150, $250, and $660, that looks pretty good.

Nitrates, nitrites, coliform