This is a thread dedicated to those who support and oppose Wendy Forsythe. It is not intended to be a rah-rah or FU forum. It is merely a place for those who wish to post their opnion on the matter.

Not just merely “Flame the Dame”, but posts with positives and negatives.

I’ll start with a positive…


Seriously, though. Wendy is a NACHI member and fellow inspector. Okay. I’ve said it.

Next visitor…


chuckle, chuckle

Seeeeeeeriously Joe. It was kinda funny, kinda cute.

I welcome all posts. Hopefully my supporters will feel free to post as well as the detractors.:shock:

I don’t support or oppose anyone.

I’m in the inspection business to make a six figure income, if any member of this org should ever need any help attaining that goal I would be happy to show them how, Wendy included.

Well said.

It’s threads like these that helped me make the decision to not come around the boards for a while.


Write to me privately. I would love to make six figures.

Thank you for your time and help.

I have to run to look at some acreage. Five acres with a full view of Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Mt.Rainier, the Olympics, etc…the whole canal.

Hope it works out. I would love to have some acreage. :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

lol…and you could not come visit me for $ 149.00 when I was up your way lady…man I am worth that just for the comic relief…guess you don’t need any electrical training…lol…

ok…just razzin ya…don’t stalk me now…please…!


here it goes as I am the one who is percieved as having started this.

Like many others who visit this board I come here to learn and to help others with what I have learned over the years. I try like hell to read as much of this board as I can as I have been doing for 4 years now.

Personally I get bloody frustrated at plowing through miles and miles of pointless pap to get to the inspection related stuff. This is , when all is said and done an inspectors message board not myspace.com

I wish no one any ill will and like others I very much enjoy the odd aside and jokes, and guess what we have places for those outside of the business areas of this board.



good post Gerry
I feel the same!


Same here Gerry

Careful, Paul.

You have had to cancel events in areas where you could not draw a crowd from some pretty good inspectors…

In that regard, Wendy’s choice of not attending your seminar puts her in some pretty good company.:wink:

You don’t know how bad I wanted to come! That dang politician didn’t pay me hardly anything. He still owes me about $5000-6000. I’ll never see it though. I can’t even pay my bills. thank God another job came up. :slight_smile:

lol…MAYBE is was me…lol…who knows or maybe it was because they were during the week…or just maybe…I only like PACKED houses…thehehe

Just razzin ya Wendy…Wish you could have attended…lol…but as James said…I am fat and boring anyway…many are cancelling because I am fat and boring maybe…lol…hell I can live with that…:slight_smile:

But again I can see Gerry’s point…as long as it is in the Misc. Discussions area…guess I can’t find any problems with it…it is when things migrate out of this area…but alas…I am guilty of it myself…sorry Gerry and Wendy and everyone for my LOL’s and TEEEHHEHHEHE’s…lol

I usually stick to the electrical area…I get in trouble when I venture out of my hole…

This is a free message board with no particular rules about what to post and who can post, and no moderators or anything.

Personally I think you are really nitpicking and being ridiculous when you say you have to “plow” through tons of whatever.

All you have to do, is ignore my posts. Or whomever else you don’t like. The page opens up with a hundred or so posts top to bottom. You can see instantly that one or more is mine. What’s to plow through? You don’t click on it. Plain and simple.

Alot of people on here do not have a sense of humor and need to relax. The miscellaneous forum describes what it is for exactly. So don’t click on the misc. forum. Not you, not Carla, not anyone who isn’t interested in the “pap” so to speak.

Go to the Electric forum, the … forum, and the,forum.

Problem solved.

One of the biggest lessons we have to learn in life, is that we can’t always have things our way. If we throw tantrums about it, we need to grow up.

People going on about my posts are throwing tantrums.

not sure what you mean
not Carla ?

lol…man I only draw flies…you’ve read my posts…:slight_smile:

lol…like you said however…it may be a case of the good ones already know it all…then who needs education…:slight_smile:

Wendy, there is a very old quote about rules “They are for the guideance of wise men, and the obedience of fools” does this board really need rules to prescribe common sense on a specialist industry board.

I hope not


Well I certainly can agree with Wendy on this one. Some here definitely need to grow up.:shock:

As usual, well said.

I alway just stab the “new posts” button, and then sort through the information I find, and attempt to dump the garbage.


I meant no criticism of your posts, education, or your seminars. I simply pointed out that a decision not to attend your seminar is not necessarily a poor reflection upon one’s commitment to acquiring skills as you seemed to imply in your remark to Wendy.