We're building a Sound Smart converter for inspectors. $20 paid for each idea.

We’re building Sound Smart this week. Keep the Sound Smart page open and use it to convert incoming callers into scheduled inspections. Consumers often have particular concerns that they reveal when they call. Simply click on the issue and Sound Smart will provide you with short, concise talking points while your on the phone. It’s like having a little helper on your shoulder, whispering in your ear!

We are paying $20 to every member for every issue raised by incoming callers that we use in the Sound Smart converter.

What concerns do consumers often have when they call for an inspection?


Knob & Tube wiring.


Old home.


Single-pane windows.

Fogged double-pane windows.

Elderly safety.

Electrical service capacity.


shingles (roofs)

PB piping concerns

Septic system



Well system

heating system

foundation cracks

gutters, downspouts

slope of land

Basement ie: wet, damp

sump pump