We're building The Cul-de-sac of Horrors on an 11 acre lot: 3 homes and a commercial

We are building The Cul-de-sac of Horrors on an 11 acre lot. It will include 3 different homes one of which will be in a state of construction. It will also have a commercial building with a fake restaurant. We’re working on getting waivers from the local building department.

It will be similar to the House of Horrors: https://www.nachi.org/school/internachi-university/house/ only it will be 3 real homes, outdoors and a commercial building all built horribly wrong in every way possible.

We’re thinking of naming the town: Flawville. Population 0.

Wher is it going to be built?

I want to be Mayor.

I was elected as both the Sherriff and the building inspector. We let a lot of things happen that are hush, hush in our little town. I have strong ties with the Mayor and City Council.

Willy, you are hereby officially the Mayor of Flawville.

See Nick is busy and he knows that I have my hands full, as I just got demoted to a much crappier job, working in the sanitation department. Nick’s being quite now, letting me cool off, because he heard me say: “that’s a bunch of crap”.


Wow! Nice.

How far from the current house of horrors will this be built?

About 8 miles away.

Right off of Route Fixy Fix

Simply incredible! I want a spot on the city council! LOL

Yeah and guess who got demoted to clean up all of those spots? I know you’re laughing Pat about my crappy job and wondering if there really is a blue ASHI pee catcher in the urinals. Yes there are. I asked Nick for a raise and a promotion and he just laughed saying: Get back to work. If I wasn’t so loyal, I’d probably find a shade and take a nap somewhere.

As Mayor, I want to tell you what a fine job you are doing. However, I must remind you finding shade and taking a nap is not currently in your job description. I did confirm with Nick that as soon as the buildings are up you will be given an assistant to assist in cleaning up the termite droppings.

That’s very thoughtful of you Willy.


interNACHI has always been great!