We're considering hiring Buzz Aldrin as InterNACHI's spokesman.

Any thoughts on this choice?

Could be interesting. I’ve heard him speak a couple times on Radio and he definitely is someone I can listen to for a while.

The key question though, is what are you planning on having him do? Commercials, speaking engagements…


86 years old

Warren Buffett is only 85

Great guy, fine American but I doubt anyone under 60 knows who he is.

Here’s a question Nick.

I think you have done an exemplary job with Internachi which is head and shoulders above any other group.

The question:

Why isn’t Internachi better known? It deserves to be so what can I as a member do to help this organization get the recognition it deserves?
What can we all do?

I’m tired of Internachi complaints and its time to “help, lead or get out of the way.”

I know who he is!

Paul, some associations spend their members’ money on promoting the association. Some associations spend their money helping and promoting their members.

We’re almost up to 4 consumer click-thrus to InterNACHI members’ inspection company websites (not InterNACHI’s website) a minute. That’s 4 leads a minute! www.nachi.org/inspection-leads.htm We now have almost as many real estate agents taking our courses as members, and we use those opportunities to promote InterNACHI members (not InterNACHI) to all of them.

We almost never push InterNACHI anymore. I wish we could be invisible and only secretly provide competitive advantages to our members.

If we hire Buzz, he’s not going to mention InterNACHI’s URL (we don’t need any more traffic) and instead is going to push www.InspectorSEEK.com

Buzz Aldrin is known to us older types! The younger generation* ignores who he is and questions that America really went to the moon in 1969* (I saw it live)!! So, I feel that he may NOT be the right person for the upcoming crowd!

I can think of several better related people and my pick are the Property Brothers (BUT the contract would be expensive) or better still, Hilary Farr from ‘‘Love it or list it’’!

All three are Canadian and there is no bias (well a little bit…)


Giles has a point.

I see your point in a way. But also don’t forget most of the younger generation can’t afford to buy a property or an expensive one. It is the middle age and older that buys the primo properties. Well at least in my areas. Also the younger peeps will live with mold, radon etc… the older generation will fork up the money to test an correct all these issues.

Follow the money !!!


Nick, just keep training those REA’s, so they can become home inspectors. There are now over 30 that Dan and I have found to be both inspectors, and real estate agents. Thanks for training them, and having them take all of our business away. I think Justin Bieber would be a better choice.

This guy would be an excellent choice…

Ty Pennington - millions of people trust his opinion on homes.

What ya goin’ do ! Wheel him up in a wheelchair or gurney? Huh?

I’m not an ageist but someone younger would play better imho.
Miley Cyrus should only cost a few million for your campaign. :wink:

Wasn’t the moon landing a hoax?

No, of course not. Gilles was actually there and saw it in person :smiley:


Buzz Aldrin in my opinion is an excellent beginning. Throughout history astronauts have been rightfully labeled as extremely intelligent and adventurous. There entire program is based on solid science and accuracy. They are proven leaders and when they speak - people listen!

Got evidence?