We're considering offering a "Pay for Your Inspections at Closing" service

No one is going to do that. At least no one who owns a calculator and can do simple math.


There’s a difference??

If it can go on a HUD statement, it will. :wink:

Then the buyer finally speaks up at the closing table “Hey, I thought the seller was paying for closing costs! Why am I writing this check?” Resulting in the real estate agent coughing the fee just to get the damn deal done.

They both look, walk, and quack the same.

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That is Guardian owned by Porch and Part of the ISN. I think the pay at close is a zero sum game for us at the end of the day but ESPECIALLY if you have to also be in bed with Porch. If InterNachi came up with a what @gromicko is describing that would be the only way I’d probably ever willingly consider it.

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