We're considering offering a "Pay for Your Inspections at Closing" service

No one is going to do that. At least no one who owns a calculator and can do simple math.


There’s a difference??

If it can go on a HUD statement, it will. :wink:

Then the buyer finally speaks up at the closing table “Hey, I thought the seller was paying for closing costs! Why am I writing this check?” Resulting in the real estate agent coughing the fee just to get the damn deal done.

They both look, walk, and quack the same.

That is Guardian owned by Porch and Part of the ISN. I think the pay at close is a zero sum game for us at the end of the day but ESPECIALLY if you have to also be in bed with Porch. If InterNachi came up with a what @gromicko is describing that would be the only way I’d probably ever willingly consider it.

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I just found out today that a local competitor that has no sales is now marketing this tactic. I’m feeling the slowdown too, but I’ve focused on building up a better competitive advantage instead of gimmicks that can be replicated in an hour.

I just cancelled an inspection yesterday, scheduled for today, when the agent called me asking if I took payment at close because the client couldn’t pay my fee until Friday. He also said they were using a 100% financed loan and he thinks the deal could blow up any minute. He said this was the first time they’ve been asked to actually spend any money and they didn’t have it. I wanted nothing more to do with it.

I don’t get it. Why do we waste our time and resources enabling broke people to become broker instead of improving our products and services so that we truly provide more value to our customers? Are we home inspectors or loan sharks? “Creative financing” is almost always a synonym for a bad deal for the consumer.

Really glad Nick mentioned adverse selection. Have y’all noticed which parts of town that you find TitleMax? The clients that I want don’t live near a TitleMax.