We're developing water/moisture sensors that connect to the internet for members to..

We’re developing water/moisture sensors that connect to the internet for members to give to their clients. Their clients can then place and activate them. These sensors will alert us if the basement gets wet, if there is a plumbing leak, if the hot water tank leaks, if there is a situation conducive to mold growth, etc. In turn, we’ll alert the corresponding member the sensors were assigned to. And in turn, the member can alert his/her client.

sounds complicated…

Yep. But it’s going to be one of our lead generators that push annual inspections for InterNACHI members.

what about a InterNachi blimp…


I’ve got goose bumps. What’s the ETA on this?


I’m testing them in my own house right now.

It needs a “control center” to work.

The sensor technology has really gotten affordable lately. How can we use this as a marketing tool?

Why not use a phone modem to call a real live person when the alarm is activated that type moisture alarm has been around since Mobey Dick was a minnow we used them under raised computer floors. The water might be in the attic before someone checked the internet :shock:

It’s a good idea, how many people out here have one or think about having one? I’m thinking, not many. How people would like to have one if it were brought to their attention? I’m thinking a lot.

Nick, what’s this thing going to cost? Annual cost?

I imagine it’s the same principle as the “call me” button with a sensor instead of a click on the website. Seems like strait forward technology to me. Glad you guys thought it up

About that call me button…

Nick is there anyway you can get it to send us a text to a mobile phone.

I use it but find it to be a pain because I get a message then I have to write down the number then call. I am re doing my website and am really considering removing it.

It would be great if we got the number texted to us so we could just hit dial.

Not to get of subject, but ditto to that

Pretty Please Nick :slight_smile:

And add the words “click here” to the call me button please
So the button would read
“Click here to have me call you”

Can’t wait this sounds great!!!