We're fed up and we're not gonna take it anymore.

The “bet” was just a figure of speech I use sometimes… like…“I bet it will rain today”

We say ya betcha in my neck of the woods.:shock:


Thanks Joseph - this useless thread is BETTER now …

Well word of the ‘parties’ has made it north of the border and the liberals up here are in an uproar about them. I have heard several of these nut jobs blaming “that G-D Bush” for planning the events and inciting the ignorant to protest." ( funny how liberals always label those they disagree with as ignorant or stupid or a cowboy or . . . . .) It appears that little or nothing has been said in the popular press up here about the events, so, all I can conclude is that the ‘learned left’ is watching FOX NEWS :D!! I don’t expect that there will be anything but negative commentary on either Canadian or American networks as they are all in bed with the administration and the anointed one anyway.

Good luck to all participants and remember, I take mine with milk only. No sugar.

Ah, a good cup of Earl Gray and NACHI MB.

Ditto, but I prefer Beam and Coke.

The US is far from bankrupt, we have way to much land and un-tapped natural resources just for an example. Plus we could also claim Iraq and control all that as well?

What if everyone left in the work force had a monthly deduction of $100.00 over the next year or so, would that reach 40 trillion??

Then go stright to a national sells tax instead of our current system and make everyone a tax payer.

Steve, we are fed up and we voted most of the idiots and their party out. :shock:

At the next election more of the knuckle draggers will also go.:stuck_out_tongue:

So a bunch of old angry tea drinking white people get together, it is not really news.:twisted:


I think we left quite a few idiots in charge.:shock:

No kidding, this guy is nut job


http://www.google.com/images?q=tbn:Eg-YJoylQ5xEAM::my2bucks.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/bobby-jindal.jpg Or this one, I bet he is a Tea drinker.

Watch this 30 minute video and tell me if you still feel that way.

What is this woman drinking?


About thirty years to late to the party Joe to realize we have been spending too much.

Dumb *** video, probably made in Hollywood, oh wait a minute, Hollywood has a viable industry putting people to work and did not ask to be bailed out. Dammit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Stimulus’ Film Industry Provision Is Ready For Its Closeup

Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2009

With even Hollywood facing an economic slump, the Senate Finance Committee’s $275 billion tax title of the economic stimulus package would lend a hand to movie studios that have seen outside financing dry up.

The Senate bill includes a tax break worth up to $246 million over 11 years for investors in bigger-budget movie projects that don’t necessarily qualify for incentives currently. The provision is backed by firms like the Walt Disney Co., and the industry trade group the Motion Picture Association of America, according to aides and lobbyists.

Everybody realizes it, but politicians.

What makes it a “dumb” video exactly? Is there something about it you dispute? BTW, it was broadcast by one of the more liberal media outlets, CNN; not Hollywood.

A Tax break, that’s all you got.


Where’s Obama???