We're giving away 100 full scholarships to become a fire safety inspector.

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Thanks Nick, awaiting call-back/info.

Another great deal by iNachi. I sent an email from their website. No one home at their phone this time of day. I live in a huge college town with numerous schools and campuses spread out all over two counties. This is a great idea for college kids to have this done.

Thanks Nick. Voice mail left.

Thanks Nick. I also left my information. I wonder how they will pick the 2 in each state.

Great project! Info sent.

With around 80,000 college students within a 40 mile radius of me then this might be a viable program. I sent my contact information to NIFAST.

Thanks AGAIN Nick!!! :smiley:

How do you apply for this thing. Tried that link and got to their forum page. www.ifast.org is this it?


I went to the contact page, and submitted an email.

Try here Marcel:


I would like to be one for Arizona…

Thanks Larry, so what do you do, call them to get on a list or what?:slight_smile:

I would be glad to expand my knowledge every chance I can and welcome the opportunity to join NIFAST as an INACHI Inspector. Thank you Nick.

Thanks Nick, Left Email Message and Phone Message.
Waiting for reply.

Thanks Nick, Sounds like a great program. I left my info with them.

I am so glad I went with Internachi for my training. It’s opportunities like this that really puts us on the right track for excelent service.
Thank you Nick.

Thanks Nick, left e-mail and am looking forward to getting a reply.

2nd for AZ----:smiley:

I emailed them…!

Thank you. I have left my information also.