We're working on our 2009 Inspector Success schedule...

Looking forward to meeting you at the Long Island seminar!

Disappointed to learn that Minneapolis isn’t going to happen. I will attempt to make the trip to Milwaukee instead. Please keep us Minnesotans in mind for future events, as we get desperate for quality educational happenings.

Looking forward to seeing you in Pensacola!

Are these still tentative? I am looking forward to it if they still plan on coming to New Oreans on March 11th.

Morgan Wood
Home Inpsections of Louisiana, LLC

Geesh! Dosen’t anyone know where Maine is?
I feel left out here. ;):slight_smile:

Better plan to drive South down Marcel :slight_smile: Are there any inspectors in Maine other than you?

Get a hold of me for the Columbus Ohio stop. We will see what we can do to help out here.

I have a listing of about 38, but have not updated in awhile.:slight_smile:

Marcel… looks like a road trip to Boston! :shock:

[FONT=Arial]May 27- MA Boston[/FONT]

now I feel disrespected… :frowning:

but of course… I don’t have 10000 posts either… holy crap!!!

Hi. Jeff, any idea what this seminar is about?
Hell only a couple hours to Boston, isn’t it.
I will probably still be in Epping New Hampshire the night before, and could stay at my sister in-law that night and go from there.

Marcel :D:)

nope not sure… looking

last year…


Thanks Jeff, I am not much in for Marketing thingy, but we will see what Nick is offering on this one hopefully.

Marcel :):smiley:

There’s a ton that goes on. For example, I spent about 45 minutes talking about website optimization, converting visitors to callers and using online advertising. Ben spends quite a bit of time covering different defects, where to take photographs and when, etc. I’ve heard nothing but good things from the guys who went to Denver, Phoenix, Milwaukee and Chicago.

I do not recall the Phoenix event being much to crow about. Although I did enjoy you Dom pointing out my SEO prowess.

Me too, Cant wait for Orlando !!!

Spokane is central enough to many markets - it would be nice to get some NACHI support up here; it’s been a few years . . .

Where is the meeting place being held at in Philadelphia PA on March 24th and what time?