Wesix electric heater

Inspecting a 1950 house yesterday. Came across Wesix electric in wall heaters in most rooms. All worked, though very dusty. Does anyone know anything about these? They look dangerous to me, especially if there are kids around.

They are antiques - which is not necessarily safe for heating systems. Their covers can get blistering hot.

I would suggest making sensible recommendations with regard to safeguarding children and keeping combustibles clear of them, or removing the systems completely.

Thanks Jeff. I suspected as much as a google search turned them up in a number of auctions. Your suggestion for reporting is well taken.

I’ll tell you, as a licensed home inspector there is some concern about scalding (as evident of the minor burn my daughter received) yet they are incredible in regards to convective heating of my home.
We have 3 “Wesix - Wiredheat” - 3000 watt 240 volt 12.8 amp “3- tower ceramic” in wall heaters in our home. The home was built in 1954 and other than being reviewed by a licensed electrician recently, they are still fully functional and work better than what I find with modern baseboard and convective, blower type wall heaters. Also, dust bunnies are minimal in comparison to homes with forced air.
The problems are, there’s nothing on the market available for replacing them. All replacements are either wall mount, thin metal and plastic construction or built with a fan, which defeats the goal of convection.
I see an opportunity for someone who has the drive to develop a modern, safe, thermostat controlled, in-wall type heater for people who love convective heat that don’t want geothermal, in-floor or forced-air/ductless systems. Only thing, if you make it, I get 10% for the idea…
The systems in my home are 65 years old and functioning as intended when they were installed- some may say they are dangerous, but no more than electric baseboard or Cadet/King like blower heaters- and if there was a replacement version I could buy right now, I would!!

John Brunzell
Green Point Home Inspections LLC
Washington State Home Inspector #1421