West Central Florida Chapter - General Info

Our new Web site adress is www.fl.nachi.org/westcentralflorida

This may be an easier way to communicate back and forth, wher all members can see whats being mentioned and requests for info.

We can still be contacted directly at fhi@tampabay.rr.com

Those of you have not yet received your Insurance Inspection Training Certificates - it is because I need your mailing address. These are very nice certificates and cannot be e-mailed.

I need a list of attendee from the January meeting weho are waiting for their ID badges. I will make evey effort to have them to you witin 10 days of your contact.

May 13th is Sink holes.
I’m trying to nail down a date for June/July for our double header " Electrical and HVAC Inspections" . We will have 3 activly working Licensed Electrical and HVAC Contractors to advise us on the most affective and safest ways to conduct our inspections, things/problems they find when they are called in after a Home Inspection, and to answer all your questions. This will be very good for both the beginners and also the advanced Inspector.

August/September will be Pools and Decks.

Requests for Topics can be posted here or sent to my e-mail.