West Central Florida Chapter June Meeting

**West Central Fl **
Chapter and Educational Meeting

June 13th, 2009
11:00 am to 4:00 pm
13200 95th Street, Largo, Fl 33773
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Chinese Drywall

Florida Restoration and Catastrophe (CAT)

Also, follow-up to marketing and business ventures discussion from our April Chapter meeting

Gerry Beaumont and Joe Mazzara have graciously extended the use of their facility and their time to conduct this meeting

This will be an indoor event

Meeting is Open to all who wish to attend,
however seating is limited to 30

Priority will be given to active Chapter Members

Cost is $10.00

Reserve your seat today by calling 813-677-9287 with your credit card payment. Confirmation and receipt will be e-mailed to you or by e-mailing fhi_inc@verizon.net

Lunch and refreshments will be provided by Zoe

**Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear from the REAL experts in these fields – as well as continue our discussion concerning how to expand your business and increase your income **

I had the pleasure of attending this meeting yesterday and from all reports a good time was had by all.

Joe Manzzara of Florida Restoration & Cat Cleaning was a gracious host who opened up his facility for the event. Gerry Beaumont lectured on how catastrophe cleaning dove-tails into home inspection and Chinese Drywall.

Of course, as always, once again, Zoe & Dennis Fackler steeped-up selflessly and put together yet another high quality, low cost and very tasty educational event. Whether you showed up for Gerry’s Chinese Drywall presentation or the fantastic food from Zoe’s kitchen there were many reasons to be present.

Thanks for a great time - Joe.

Thanks to Zoe, Dennis, Gerry & Joe. I enjoyed the day, the food and the presentations. I also enjoyed meeting others during the day.
Thanks again

Ken Townsend
Gulf Coast Inspections
Bradenton, Florida

Hi to all,

Thanks for the kind words, the success of this event was solely down to the work Zoe did, not only did she do all the planning and contacting members, she also put on a great buffet lunch for us all, all I had to do was show up and teach (and eat LOL)

It was a good meeting dispite the heat (sorry guys we’ll sort out the AC for next time!) it was great meeting all the 30 odd inspectors who showed up.



Sounds good.

Truth be told, I much prefer the odd ones, too. :smiley:


I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting yesterday. It was our first one and we look forward to attending the next one. It was great to meet some top-notch inspectors and my wife is looking forward to everyone coming over to inspect the pools. Extra special thanks to Zoe and Dennis for all their hard work and for making sure we got an invitation in the first place.

William Key