Westlake inspectors save a woman $20,000 on basement repairs

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, they say THE problem was clogged dowsnpouts? #-o And $20,000+ estimates from a couple of waterproofing turds? ](,)](,)

a 5 page report eh?

Here’s a big fat important question for 'em…
did anyone bother to run a water-test with a hose, first from ground level DOWN… to correctly determine/diagnose whether there is 1+ cracks etc in the stupid basement wall?

Then, run the water/hose against the home from ground level UP, did we do that… huh?

Yes, they apparently did ‘save’ this woman some cash from incompetent, scumball companies, but again, my question going forward to them (for HER sake) is, did they REALLY diagnose her actual problems correctly? If they didn’t do a water test then, I highly doubt it.

Not saying that sometimes, if there are clogged downspouts, the water could then soak the siding etc and then come in and one should then SEE stains/water UP HIGH on wall, that’s a big IF and doing a water test below ground, and then AGAINST the siding etc above grade, would friggin show ya!

As usual, its very likely, she EITHER has 1+ cracks etc in basement wall(s) and–or, 1+ openings in house above ground level and–or, a possible lateral line blockage etc…so again, in order to CORRECTLY determine IF she has crack(s) in wall OR openings above grade…run a water test, the water does not lie!!

Joe Pagonakis sir, “Won’t name the company because it made a rare misdiagnosis…”…??? Based on what? According to who? The company itself? The BBB? Angie’s list? lol

Even IF the one company did honestly misdiagnose her problems (i doubt it), why did they hold her money???!!!

And, what about naming the other bubblehead company who ALSO wrote her up a $20.000++ estimate on supposed/bulshtt repairs!!! Can’t name them either huh.Jesus, what a joke!

Something else smells here, got that?

And the nice senior woman, ’ I’m a believing person/thought they did diagnose problem correctly’… yeah well, in THIS business that is what trust often gets ya, ripped off!

Tell ya what, if one of you home inspectors in that area want to call this nice woman, i’ll frigging drive to Brown/Indian country and do a dang water test in order to determine her actual problems and then get big time Joe P there to cover that part of duh story… got that?

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