Wet Crawl Space

****I inspected a wet crawl space, on wall had negative grading, and some of the ducts had an organic substance. My remedy is to cover the access door and move to the inside of house, seal the stem wall, correct negative grade, dry the crawl space with fan, install a vapor barrier, and insulate the joist? Are there any suggestions to prevent moisture or change some of the suggestion I have made.](http://search.mywebsearch.com/mywebsearch/redirect.jhtml?qid=a7fddccd5e888054068e346c2b3e3805&searchfor=effervescents&action=pick&pn=1&si=&n=77C09F4F&ptb=b4rNgmpCLwtXjSK_BTXBIg&ptnrS=grfox000&ss=&st=hp&cb=GR&pg=GGmain&ord=0&tpr=&redirect=mPWsrdz9heamc8iHEhldET%2BRZmtAYaSUmFym1fFDpVHfoMGDJddWqA98f02Ue936EzRaglMmNgd7eNA6Iz8IvvRxvWr7gw29nuTpQ%2F21Cqg%3D&ct=AR)

It isn’t your job to make recommendations. Refer it to a moisture control specialist or grading contractor with experience in controlling crawl space moisture.

If you tell them what to do and it doesn’t solve the problem, guess who may be asked to pay for it? Nothing wrong with making suggestions, but don’t get specific. That’s my advice.