Wet Insulation

There was a plumbing leak and the repairs were all done. The wall was put back together and painted. The house looked ready for the sale… but the infrared camera found the wet insulation that was still in the wall and was never removed during the repair process. Whoops… This could be a source of mold and cause the sheetrock to start falling apart after a short period of time. The buyer was really glad this was found before they purchased the house, so it could be repaired correctly.


Lazy/inexperienced workers, eh? :shock:

By the way, what imager are you using, John?:



By the way, drywall will not start falling apart, unless the leak is still present.

I’m saying because I’m in the framing and drywall trade and when a guy brake a sprinkler line and it goes down 15 floors, all they do is not much, they let it dry, even when the walls are closed. They might have to mud some joins or corner beads but that’s pretty much it. If the cause is gone, the mold won’t survive.

I’m a newbie but I would just let them know about it and to monitor. Would like to hear what others think about this. I might be way off.

BTW John, I was hoping you could comment on this thread: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f2/need-help-thermal-pattern-104683/

Once sheetrock has been wet enough it will indeed start to degrade. Once mold spores grow in the garage area, then the humidity in that area of Texas can indeed keep the spores alive, if they start to grow. To assume it is no big deal would not be wise.

Thanks. Here to learn.

The imager was from years ago… an old flir bcam.

Which is a key difference.

Location, location, location. Makes a difference.