WETT Insp Needed For French River

Jim Evers who is close to Noelville, located on the Upper French River requires a WETT certificate. This is water access.

Please call 973-220-7532 to book appointment.


Hello -
Thanks for the referral Roger to this great website and your posting on it.

Some more details about my request :

Access is via Riverview Marina (Dokis Reserve Road), nearest town is Noelville. I will provide boat transportation from the marina to our camp, and 1/2 days fishing for pickerel or (preferably) muskie for the lucky inspector, if they so wish.

Looking to get this done before ice up, and will be in the area on 9-13 thru 9-16, if that works.

Thanks -

I’d do it for you but you would be looking at about $500. Mostly for milage. Hopefully you can find someone closer.

p.s. Thread title: “**WETT Insp Needed For French River” **cracks me up. Yes the French River is WETT :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I was going to say about $2,500 but with the fishing I’ll do it for $2,000; I need the break (LOL). That’s the cost of getting a master to do it.

**Brian MacNeish **
Atlantic Home Inspections[size=2]
WETT certified Master System Advisor

Good Luck, Paul

AS I am a bit closer, I can probably underbid you at $499… umm did you inculde GST?:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

:mrgreen: I suppose if I get a good tail wind I can shave $2 of my price from what I would save in gas. :wink: :wink:

I think I would have to let this one go to you David as I’m booked anyways for those days.

In fact my prices always include all taxes included. It makes it harder from a competitive marketing standpoint but as a consumer I want to know the final price. Gasoline is sold with the taxes in. I think everything should be. I don’t care how much the retailer gets, how much the province gets, or the feds get. I just want to know what its going to cost me bottom line.

Dam it Paul.
You got me
I always do a taxes included, after one client asked me how much and I said $325 plus GST and he said " I do not want to pay any tax… How much? I said, $350, and he responded " Here is the cash!"
So now as you said, it is out the door price only.
So if you can do it for $498 it is yours.:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thanks for your interest. I’ve been contacted by someone willing to get WETT going up river, for a little better than $498. :mrgreen:, and I don’t have to show him my secret fishing spots.
Appreciate the help, and you have a great website here.