WETT Inspection

Hello to all and hope you all had a great holiday week end, I am looking for someone to do a WETT Inspection in Sundridge Ont. this sat. afternoon, as my Mother is putting in a offer to-day for a home in Sundridge. It has a fireplace and woodstove. One of the conditions is to do a WETT and a home inspection, I do not do WETT and we are looking for some, please contact me at ccrooker@rogers.com or call 519-751-3128 thanx.

I am pretty sure Paul Hinsperger is WETT certified, but I think the mileage charge from Orangeville to North Bay would eat into her down payment :slight_smile:

Try this:



Your quite correct Jason. The milage would end up being more than the inspection itself.

Sundridge is 1 hr south of North Bay?:neutral:

I thought it was about an hour out of Parry Sound. Along 124!
I know someone in Muskoka who is WETTcertified. Do you want me to send him email?

Well for now let it sit as the seller is to supply the WETT Inspection with chimney sweep. Thanx and if need I will contact you.