WETT Inspection

I would appreciate it if someone could explain to me the order of courses and mandatory courses to become WETT certified for Home inspection purposes.
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The info you need is here, Scott.

Thanks Christian, I have been there and the order to me seems random, first you must take the code compliance, but then what…I don’t want to be a sweep or a technician/advisor just a site basic inspection…my question is do I have to take them all?
I had a WETT done on my home… did the guy sweep my chimney…NO…20 minutes $175.00 he was done and he didn’t even bring a ladder! Looks like a good go to me! The Guy was OAHI certified could that have any bearing?? :twisted::twisted:


Before they changed the path to certification in 2008, one needed to take the 3-day Code Compliance course, the 1-day Site Basic Inspection course, and have 80 weeks of inspection experience (not necessarily inspecting wood-burning appliance - home inspections would do).

The new path for Wett Certification Site Basic Inspection: one needs to take the 3-day Code Compliance course, then the 2-day Woodburning Systems course, then the 1-day Site Basic Inspection course. It also requires a verifiable declaration of at least 80 weeks of inspections and must include 30 inspections of wood burning appliances + letter of reference.

If the “inspector” did not visibly check the condition of the chimney and cap, and verify the 3-2-10 rule of chimney height, sooner or later he’s going to get himself into trouble for being lazy.

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I assume that the 3-2-10 rule is in reference to the code requirement that the chimney be 2’ above any obstructions within 10’ but what does the 3 represent?

“…but what does the 3 represent…”

The chimney must be at least 3ft above it’s point of pentration at the “high side”.

Thanks Christian, you made it much clearer then the website…must mean you don’t work for the government! lol Yes he did measure the clearances after he borrowed my ladder to get on the roof.

So you don’t need Chimney sweeping, Site Comprehensive Inspection, New and Review, smoke spillage,House pressures?

Then you are saying that Code compliance, WB and SB will give you your WETT cert.

Next question, how can you inspect 30 wood burning systems when you aren’t WETT certified? of the NBC

You aren’t “certified” until you complete the 30 wood heating system inspections plus have 80 weeks total of verifiable inspection experience. You’ll need an experienced WETT certified mentor to tag along with.

Thanks Brian and Christian you have brought me out of the fog and I now know what I have to do.