We've hired temp employees to begin shipping packages to every California member.

They should start going out by Friday of this week.

I love surprises

Me too.

I wonder what it is? I guess I’ll find out.

Nice :slight_smile:

On a side note, I can’t see your avatar.

It’s there, but I do want to re-crop it so it looks better.

It’s about a $50,000.00 shipping project.

Ooooo. I can’t wait!

So just out of curiosity, what was this?

I never received anything…

They should hit by tomorrow.

I just got an email from the post office saying that I have something in my box. Maybe it’s here.

probably a subpoena or jury duty lol

Nothing yet.

I received a promo packet, will come in quite handy when deciding on marketing literature. It was a pleasant surprise, thank you!

Did it come with a letter inviting you to our June 16 event in Ontario, California?

I’m not sure about others, nothing received here as of yet :?:

Maybe the “R” 's got left out.

I haven’t received anything also. Maybe this week.

Nothing here either.

So, maybe there are missed all of SoCal.