We've hired temp employees to begin shipping packages to every California member.

Same here. Nothing.

Or maybe our packages are a little larger than the rest and it just takes a longer time to arrive. :smiley:

Possibly. :slight_smile:

No, I haven’t received anything with an invitation. Now that I think about it, I think I ordered that promo pack that I received from inspectoroutlet.

I just keeping think those temps took a “Colorado smoke” break, and forgot the difference between “CA” and “CO” in our addresses. :p:mrgreen:

I did get something with a letter talking about the event in June a couple weeks ago

Maybe they are being delivered by pack mules :roll:

Maybe Nick is just going to hand deliver the package on the 16th. :slight_smile:

And today they started putting out reminder invitations for the upcoming June 16 event. Every member in California is being sent one by Friday.

Do you have to have this letter invitation to go? I’m a new inspector here in SoCal and I’d like to get out there and show face.

Just go to the first post in this thread. :smiley:

Go to this site and register

So did anyone get anything yet? I’m starting to feel like the black sheep here…lol

Nope, nothing here.

I suspect I’ll get my invitation to the event on the 17th. :stuck_out_tongue:

Us three are on the black list. I haven’t received anything.

Nuthin’ here.

I got mine and it was full of goodies :smiley: (but I’m not suppose to tell) :twisted:

Oh bs. :slight_smile:

Just kidding; sorry I had to go there I couldn’t help myself