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National Association for Moisture Management :stuck_out_tongue:

Another vendor looking to divide up the pie.

So…what’s the back story here. It sounds like good training at face value. What am I missing?

Help us, help you… Help me lord!

Joey is rambling again!

I don’t necessarily have anything against NAMM. After reading their page and watching their short video, I just don’t see what benefit they could offer me that would in anyway rival what I already get from InterNACHI and IAC2. Professionals have to pay a $125 annual membership fee and then pay for the education hours on top of it. Seems like we already get all that right here.

Agreed…there is the human interest aspect, which I hadn’t considered, where they provide services to needy individuals and provide a greater service to mankind, as I understand it.

I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but Nachi has some great education, but it is far from complete end all be all. I am not in favor of NAMM either though.

What are your thoughts on NORMI?

That’s how I see it also.
Just got an email from them today.

I have never taken anything with them. I have taken a couple of short classes with IAQA and they were not bad. Most have been short and to the point.

Find out for yourself I always say.

I do here what I please and you will never stop me… asshole. :twisted::twisted::twisted: