What a bafoon!

In the debate tonight, John McCain just used the hammer to drive the final nail in his campaign’s coffin. His plan was clearly to be the attack dog and roll his eyes at every chance he got. IMHO, he made his image, which I thought could get worse, much worse. What an idiot!

He was cartoonish.

Did you see the look on McCain’s face when Obama said small businesses will be exempt from the health insurance fine? LMAO


About 200K Ohio voters have records discrepancies

Can someone please teach Osama that there isn’t a period between every word? As well, “um”, “Ah”, “uh” are not punctuation. Osama showed once and for all he is an intellectual light weight, not to mention a very dangerous man.

McCain’s best line was when he addressed Obama as Senator Government.

You know the election is over when the only negative thing you can say about the opposing candidate is the way he speaks.

Here is an observation, on stage after the debate you could see that Obama and Michelle have a true and honest connection with each other. Also, he treats her with such respect, little things like motioning to her to come up on stage or allowing her to walk in front as he exits. He also gave her a big hug when they met.

Then there was McCain… He stiffly hugged Cindy when he saw Obama hug Michelle. Then he stands leaning away from her, and finally he just walked off the stage leaving her standing there like a blind date.

I can tell who respects people just by the way they treat their wife in public. For sure, John McCain is less than a gentleman.

Obama didn’t lose so automatically he won, McCain changed no minds tonight.

I thought obama stumbled, bumbled and lost votes tonight. Many of Mccains movements are cartoonish, but that is probably from where he took beatings for his country. But that is just my opinion.

Obama hugs his wife better. I am going to vote for Obama now… LOL.
Very deep analyses. Thanks Joe B.

If you watch McCain, he is stiff. He can’t even type because of his injuries.

Wouldn’t it be great to be “Joe the inspector”! What great exposure!

Joe the plumber is famous now.

Awwwwww! I can hear the violins.

Joe the plumber will be a star tomorrow as he appears in McCain’s ads.

It just goes to a general preponderance of evidence.



Poll: Who Won The Debate, McCain Or Obama?

Total Votes: 3,915


John McCain - 16% (613)

Barack Obama - 81% (3,175)

It was a draw - 2% (92)

No opinion - 1% (35)

4. If you were undecided before tonight’s debate but have now selected a candidate, who will you vote for in November?

Total Votes: 1,990


John McCain and Sarah Palin - 18% (357)

Barack Obama and Joe Biden - 74% (1,480) :shock:

Independent candidate - 1% (16)

Still undecided - 5% (105)

Have decided not to vote - 2% (32)

Like I predicted, tonight was a wake for the 2008 Republican presidential campaign, stick a fork in it they are done for at least the next four years.