What A Coincidence At yesterdays Inspection

OK so yesterday I did another pre drywall inspection. My client met me at the site to say Hey and give me a check. Client leaves and I proceed to do my thing. I finish up and I am packing up truck and the project super intendant walks over to me from a different lot.

He introduces himself and we start talking a little. All going great as they build “Tight” homes, no real serious deficiencies to speak of. I he asks me for a card and I give it to him. OK so on the back of my cards I have a NACHI and a IAC2 go. He asks, “Hey are you a InterNACHI member” ? Of course I say yuppers. He proceeds to tell me how he just got his HI License and is a student freebie member here and is taking all the courses to gain knowledge. He goes on to say how he has seen and read many posts by me…LOL what are the odds of this.:wink:

So here it is, me the Inspector of a new home at a new community where I have done about 15 inspections at the past few months, and now finally meet the superintendent and he is a new HI and NACHI member…haha…go figure.

Now the guy wants to do some ride alongs with me. I guess for the sake of me being at his site (ne community) this is all a great thing.

Just sharing…


very nice