What a difference 1/2 step makes

I have been off of this board for the last 17 months was sick of the BS artists and the used car salesmen I am refreshed now and ready to take on all comers:D Don’t take me wrong this board is a very good learning tool if one can sort through the BS.

I have been busy building my IR business residential and commercial and they are both on the upswing even in this down turned economy. My income for the first 6 months of this year has exceeded what I normal do in 1 year and I have my IR work to thank for that. I specialize in two components for residential IR that has increased the amount of inspections that I perform drastically. I scan all electrical panels and all tile type shower stalls including the images within the report. I have documented mass amounts of leaking shower pans and elevated temps on the circuits for electrical cook stoves.

The reason I bring up electrical scans as indicated in the images that I posted. Proper training is of the utmost importance and I stress the word proper.

The two images posted are of the same panel taken within 30 seconds of each other with the same amount of amperage applied. The two temps are actually on a bright AL neutral lug one taken directly in front of the panel with reflective temps showing the second image is take 1/2 step to the side to get rid of the reflection noticing 9 degrees difference. I don’t mean to imply I was looking for excessive temps on the neutral lug that was just where the reflection appeared. I had a solid wall behind me no reflections from the wall all of the reflected heat was emitted from within the panel its self.

The point of this post is to stress proper IR training and it will allow one to build a reputation and make some money while doing it. I am in my 4th year with IR and it is finally growing but I am also in a very Rural area with all of my Commercial request coming from the internet. Thank you DOM. My web sites cover all of OK, N Texas, Western Ark, Missouri and Kansas and with the 3 words Thermal infrared imaging you will most usually find me at the top of the first page. Thank You Dom

I am living proof if one wants to build a IR business it can be done but not spending hours on hours talking nonsense or having a verbal war on this board with some Idiot that does not know sickum from come here.

Nice images Charley. and nice example.

Good to see you back and posting these electrical scans again!

Welcome back Charlie.
I missed seeing you post.
You are a good teacher and like your Furnace /Boiler thoughts.

Good to be back Bob time marches on perhaps I need to stay away from the HVAC thread been away from that business since 2002 hard to keep up with

Great to see you back Charley. Looking forward to more of your great insight. Have you done much with infloor heat systems? I am seeing more and more of them lately. I was hoping to get into IR this winter, but it’s pushed back till next summer. What are your recommendations for proper IR training?

Not much infloor heating here some on the high end homes had a call from a builder that was having problems with an open resistance heat in a bathroom floor I found the open in about 15 seconds Have some good images can post them when I find them.

My recommendation as its always been learn how/why the camera operates excellent training available through Flir ITC, Snell, and or Jim Sefferin not listed in any particular order

Nice Charley, you would make a good teacher. When and if I ever get a camera before Medicare, I will look you up. ;):slight_smile: