What a FOX at my inspection today

This one decided to cruise by during my inspection today.

PB180526 (Small).JPG

Beautiful :smiley:

Awwwww…isn’t that just precious???

Hello All,
I am looking for the IAQ University people. They are the providers of an IAQ monitor type device. Glen Morris was the instructors name. Is anybody familiar with this group?

http://www.iaqu-hi.net/content.aspx?i=4 I copied this link from a past post on the NACHI message boards.

Hi Colleen
Folks are reluctant to respond to hijacked threads. Why not start a new thread here

My apologies, and thank you John for gently redirecting me. Although I am not a new member I brand new to these message boards.
again my thanks

Found Fox. Where’s Mulder?


You mean, where’s Scully?

Yes, that too !:mrgreen:



Cozy little critter. :slight_smile: