What a mess

This joint was just nasty, the sign said “Needs TLC”

Sure did.

Ahhh…but the water is nice and blue.:slight_smile:

So was the owners face when I asked if he cut meat on the side.

Maybe find the distribution cover before someone gets killed also. He said he took it off because he knew I was coming, but can’t find it now…oh lord.

Poll question. how many traps can a home owner put on one sink at a time?:smiley:

The “moisture issues” are absolutely hideous. Ick. How can people live like that?

“Moisture Issues”??? Nothing a little caulk can’t fix!! Or maybe some “Bondo”…

I was referring to what looks like mold coming through the wall next to the toilet.

Ohhh, THOSE “moisture issues”… That whole area is pretty!! No matter where you look around that tub/toilet… Signs and symptoms of “covered” issues that require some serious attention… Wonder what the other side of the drywall looks like?! Probably like a used pietre dish!! Yummy!!

Darn Dale it looks like you are going in to my inspection territory now. I didn’t know anyone wanted to join me in the Crack houses, Drop Houses and crime clean up scenes.:roll: :roll: :roll:

Oh definitely. I’d hate to think what it looks like. Probably one big black and green puffball. Yuck.:shock:

When agents fax me the MLS on properties Im about to inspect,… if I see the words “Needs TLC” or “Perfect for investors or fisrt time home buyers” These pictures are what I vision… and Im usually right. N I C E!!! Thats when I turn to my clients in the driveway and ask,… so, what do you REALLY want to know?? Of course they always say everything and my report ends up to be 180 pages. HA! Gotta take to good with the bad I guess.

Thats leads to a question. When you ask the client what the ‘really want to know’ so avoid writing the 200pg report on a 1bd, 1bath place, and instead write a 25 pg report on the most pressing concerns, how do you cover yourself from having the report viewed as missing something?

Neglected property disclaimer. . .

Indeed. Fixer upper disclaimer for sure!

and how would one get a hold of said disclaimer…???:cool:

Here’s what I use. . .

Just what I asked. "What do you really want to know?. I have a few clients that use me on investment properties aka “flipers” And I only do an Item inspection of what they are concerned about because its obvious they are going to gut it to the skeleton. I write a one item contract. like “Roof or foundation Inspection”