What a place!

Today’s inspection was by far the most enjoyable ever. 4,500 sq. ft gem with more than 75 slot machines!! I could not believe my eyes. New owner claims to have good parties. Can’t wait for the next one. :smiley: :smiley:






Berwyn or Cicero?

Now that’s just mean! :smiley:

Their homes are too old. I’m staying the heck out of there. My attorney said inspecting 105 year old homes is hazardous to my financial well being what ever that is. :shock: :wink:


Hi Dale,

When I saw all those slot machines I thought of calling you over…:smiley:

Now if they were card tables…hmmmm…:-;;

We should go to the Bellagio some day. You can play cards while I stuff my face with gelato and play penny slots…:cool:

Oh and they do have good Gelato…I will be there Feb 1st…I think Mario is going also…!!

Best gelato I know of. I spent half a week sitting in that shop watching the scenery. :wink:

I was there a few weeks ago on a weekend and watched some guy jump in the Lake wearing Camo gear, picking up coins people tossed in…then I watched the cops toss him into a Van…:lol:

Erol, Your website indicates that you inspect appliances. I hope you checked all those slot machines as well :slight_smile: I can see it now…

Slot machine#1 did not pay out, presummed defective
Slot machine#2 did not pay out, presummed defective
Slot machine#3 did not pay out, presummed defective