what a set

I’ve been helping a friend with some remodel work and noticed some service panels. Today I needed to pull the covers- My suspicions were confirmed

Top panels are zinscos and the lower 50 amp disconnect is a FPE

The FPE was a suprise, but the tag on the inside clearly states that it is a stab-lock type.

Had to read the zinsco labels carefully since the zinsco name only occurs once when it tells the consumer to only use zinsco breakers.

I hated the fact I had to tell him the bad news, but thought it would be better if he knew about the electrical panels in his house.

Ok…Did you tell him about the RUST, The missing KO’s, the Double tapped Neutrals ( grounded conductor ) and so on…or did you just say they were Zinsco and FPE…and leave it at that…WHICH would be wrong…

The actual PROBLEMS in the panel should take first notice and then BECAUSE it is FPE and ZINSCO that it be evaluated…BUT you should report on the ISSUES first…and let the remaining be a determination from the electrical contractor…because upon review I ( or another electrician ) may feel the panels are safe or offer other suggestions.

You might also want to determine if any of these is actually “service” equipment - if they are, they’re wrong. If they aren’t, they’re wrong (the Zinscos anyway). . .

Agreed…So many other issues versus just being Zinsco or FPE…if they are the Service Panels…MAINS they have no disconnection means…and if they are SUB ( Remote Distribution Panels) they do not have the proper wire setup…so in all…I would not refer simply because of it being FPE or Zinsco…let the electrician field this mess…

Agreed, there are many problems with the panels as you pointed out.
I merely mentioned the fact that they are Zinsco and FPE to my friend because of their history.

If I found a SquareD panel in this condition- rust, double taps, missing knockouts, sheet metal screws attaching the deadfronts, etc- that would have been a different story; mainly because SquareD doesn’t share the same history as Zinsco and FPE.

Not to mention the fact that out of all the service \ distribution panels on the market- It was like a double whammy for these two to be paired together.

As far as service panels vs distribution \ sub-panels: as far as I can tell (not inspecting- just helping with some remodel) there is no other panels in the house.

Only one of those panels can be considered the service equipment.

Where was the meter?

I can’t describe how disappointed I was after reading the title of this thread and upon opening it find it to be about electrical panels.

Ahhh…were you looking for a SET of " D’s" or " Double D’s " Mr. Edwards

I inspected a house the other day that had two service panels labeled 1 and 2 seperate grounds from each panel and sec went to a 360 amp meter base. AHJ told me that if panels had been in seperate rooms then both panels would have been subs with an exterior disconnect.
Regards Bill

Anything but “Square D’s”