What About January 1st 2006?

Sorry, but I am on a roll, here! :twisted:

On January 1st, 2006, is NACHI going to remove us “Unlicensed” :cry: New York State Home Inspectors from the “inspector database”? All NYS unlicensed home inspectors have to hang a shingle over their business shingle stating:

“Sorry, temporarily out of business by dictation of the State of New York. Give us a couple months to get licensed and we will be open again. Please keep us in mind for you home inspection business needs.”

Yeah, like this will keep us in business after we get licensed:roll:

I wonder where I should move my residence and take my money OUT OF NEW YORK STATE!!!:twisted:


You can leave NY or just saddle up for the ride. How long have you been in business? How many inspections have you done? There are some people who have been in business for over 10 years, took a break or rest for a couple of years. Now they do not qualify. That would be a tougher nut to handle.
There is a gentleman who said the other day, “I had no idea the process was going on!” Who’s fault is that one? There is too many organizations out here talking about it for someone who is active and keeping on top of this business to be that ignorant of this.
Examine what you need to do to get your license and press on. While you are working on getting your license see what you can learn to make you better.


Rick, I started my business in May of 2005 when I got laid off from my fulltime job. I have been doing Home Inspection for my sole income since then. I have done 16 plus inspections; some on my own and some with another, now licensed, inspector. I have at least 40 hours of supervised inspections. As I said, this business is/was my sole income. It is a shame that NY has disregarded this fact. I am pressing on; I am not a quitter!! I am just a little out of sorts with the DOS at the moment…not anyone else.

No way !!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Better off he stay home then so he doesn’t hurt himself


I am sorry that you got caught in the middle, but how in the world did you live on 16 inspections from may till know ???
If I remember correctly this B/B was talking about this for over a year.
OK they didn’t have the final drafts but they were close to what it is today, Bill,Dan,Joe and others put many posts on the B/B on the matter.
Maybe the State has someway of helping you pay for the education and then you pay them back ??? Just a thought.
Again sorry about you delima hope everything works out for you.

Regards Len


   Do you have any schooling?  I think this is where you have to start at.  I am not sure but maybe you can contact the unemployment office for some help with the education.  Go back on the previous employer.  Just a thought!  I am not sure how all that works with self employment.  I have always been a very blessed and fortunate person with jobs.  Not big $$$ ones but some work. 

Again press on, whatever track you pick it will be worth it all in the end. Detours in life are tough sometimes but maybe you can come back in a few years and say 10,000 inspections and no law suits too as one inspector posted.


Len, I was doing some other summer work also as well as my wife and her income. The home inspections and summer-only work with her income helped us scrape by. Now, the summer work is over (did you say snow?) and I cannot do home inspections, we cannot live on my wife’s income only.

Rick, if you will note in my posting, in this section, “Careful on Education”, you will see that I have taken a Home Inspection Course in May while I was still working. That is why I took the distance learning course. New York State will NOT pay unemployment to anyone that is self-employed. You have to be doing nothing but looking for a job. So, where I got stuck is that DOS will not accept distance learning courses as approved education even if it by an approved school.