What about the Hz's

To add to David’s comments: Just look at the amount of germanium in the lens assembly of a BX/EX 320 compared to a new imager if you want to see the quality difference.

I sold my EX320 to a then aspiring Thermographer and there are days that I lament not having it. These imagers are capable of producing outstanding thermographic images (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9HIRN7M4w0).

If I were looking to get started on a budget, I would snap up a good used one long before I would go after a cheap new piece which substitutes bells and whistles for actual thermographic imaging performance. Of course you will need to have young eyes to see the itty bitty screen.

No young eyes here.

Yes, I was thinking about that but I don’t try to evaluate things on the camera, I always do it by computer. So, as long as you get the right focus and distance your golden. The BX 320 also has a very deep focal plane.



Is there really any need to continue this discussion that continues to pop up ?


So exactly just what is it that you can’t seem to comprehend?

Do you understand that not all thermal imaging cameras are the same and constructed for the same purpose?

Can you not fathom that clamp on iPhones are just a gimmick? It’s a marketing ploy… The more people know about thermal imaging, the more people will utilize it appropriately (hopefully)!

Do you not realize that you must be a level III with all kinds of experience just to take a wild stab at what you see in an iPhone thermal camera? The cost of education would outweigh any potential savings of a crappy camera!

Take away the MSX and you have a big blob of color. The blob of color doesn’t even line up with the MSX. Somebody posted a circuit breaker here and the hotspot isn’t even on the same circuit breaker! Check out parallax.

MSX works when you have a considerable distance from the target, but when you have considerable distance the accuracy the camera goes out the window! Spot size ratio. Read all about it.

Why do all the people with big expensive toys talk down on these marketing gimmicks? I’ll tell you why. Because when somebody goes out there and makes false claims about what they can do and cost people unnecessary expense it will come back on the industry as a whole.
It happened in the veterinarian services area already. It never recovered.

I am apprehensive about what I report in my thermal imaging reports 100% of the time. If you’re wrong, you own it! To go out and stake my reputation and my business and my livelihood upon a toy!? Get real.

Fine, but this isn’t the iPhone thread. I was asking about the importance of Hz.

IMO refresh rate is not really that important unless you are wanting video, or you wave your camera around a lot. I use my E8 more than I use my T440. The E8 won’t do video, but I don’t need it to for most applications. The single most important spec on a camera would be the sensitivity rating and the close second would be the detector resolution. Accurate focusing capability is crucial also. Unless you want thumbnail size thermograms in your reports, you should be looking for cameras with at least 50mk and 320x240 for professional work. All the rest of the parameters are bells and whistles.

Thanks Brad. The E8 is 60mk, but I like the price point.

Yeah, I know but I really don’t think a difference of 10mk is going to kill the deal. On the other hand, I have no idea what the sensitivity rating is on a “Bolt-on” Flir One.:cool:

The only reason I would ever settle for an imager of less than 30Hz is if higher refresh rate imagers were not available to me. I wouldn’t even want to use a 9Hz unit as a backup. But that’s just me, based on my own meager experience.

The One is another thread. I’m looking at real cameras. How do you get the images from camera to computer with the E8? I couldn’t find that information.

That model has only one port- a micro USB. Plug it in to your PC and download the images.


Take a look on ebay
E60 with a warranty from FLIR.
A little more than the E8 in price but a lot more camera. $4,500
He will negate the fee I feel.

Call the seller. Then call Flir and get the warranty in writing.

The E8 is an E4.
You will have limitations Frank.
Auto focus, the level and span adjustment is cumbersome.

Several InterNACHI members purchased them. Well an E4
You can modify an E4 on your own to become an E8 with is an E$.

Individuals modify cars and other equipment they own all the time.
Draw back. Warranty.

I do not see why not reset the camera back to the E4 if you ever had to use your warranty.
Just an idea.

I really don’t like the idea of buying used, even with the warranty. I found a new one at a significant reduction from msrp. $6695. Very tempting.

You have to steal the firmware to make the conversion. There is no question as to whether it is ethical or not.

Then of course you might also question the business practices of a company which goes out of its way to disable features that are inherent in the hardware to create a pseudo tiered offering. I find it a dubious practice, but it is their prerogative. More viable competition in the market place I think will eventually put an end to such price manipulation.

You think this was done without a marketing backing it Chuck?

You doubt a software specialist would not crack the software?

Question; So when manufactures dumb down your equipment or offer you a cardinal compass only its not in the software, they are allowed preferential treatment?

Its a funny world out there Mr. Evens

I agree with you 100% but look outside the box without stepping on the ground.
I told one homie I disagreed when he purchased an E4 and soupped it up.
Only I said, when you are doing expert witness, just reassure the judge and the plaintiff that the images where from a cracked E4.

Best regards Mr. Even.
Hope all is good with you and yours.

I’m pretty much settled on the Flir E60BX. I’m getting a smokin’ deal on it.

Sounds reasonable…:)…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R96VD0pg0ag

WTH are you trying to say? Do you ever read what to write to check for relevance or even if it’s coherent?

One can rob a store, steal an identity or crack someone’s nude selfies out of their cloud account. The ability to do something has no relevance to the question of whether it is ethical to do that thing.

When manufactures dumb down THEIR equipment, they deserve to lose market share as informed consumers abandon them because of their hostile marketing tactics and move to other manufacturer’s who don’t cripple their devices so that they can charge more for uncrippled versions of the same device. Marketplace competition benefits the consumer by providing options.

Have a good day Mr. Yeung

Its about time, you been riding this dead horse for weeks kinda reminds me of the guy that died from exhaustion looking for a corner to take a whiz in a round barn:shock::stuck_out_tongue: