What am I missing?

I reffered the boxes to a sparky and was concerned about the double taps and the main feeding a 60 amp fuse and then going to a 100 amp sub.

No seperation of nuetral & grounds.

They also feed the garage with a non rated wire for burial and the sub in the garage was about 8 feet high. They also mixed 10 gauge and 12/14.

Is there anything else in the pics that you may see that I might need to know.

It also appeared only a water ground and no exterior rod.


"The inspection shall be limited to readily accessible areas of the property, is essentially visual, is general and not technically exhaustive, and does not imply that every defect will be discovered. The report reflects the general condition of all components, not necessarily all explicit conditions if they should be plentiful."

Sometimes enough is quite enough…you’ve called for a professional, let him take it from there.

Trying to report everything when you have already said so much is not necessary–in fact, it could bring into question why you missed “this” or
“that”–you’ve reported enough for the electrician to be called.

I think I recognize that first sentence, but that second sentence is absolutely awesome. I’m putting you in my Buddy group. Note that the margaritas are flowing freely in my Buddy group.

Béautiful. Muy éxcéllénté.