What am I missing?

House built in 1933, remodeled in 2007. What am I missing here? Thanks

maybe the fact that they forgot to upgrade the wiring as well? :shock:

Could you be a bit more specific with your question? Tell us what you found and maybe we will have an idea of what you missed. Did you know it’s a Stab-lok?

Improper bonding and improper termination of grounds for starters.

The whole house was rewired, but not upgraded, true. I did not know it’s a stab-lok. tell me more on that one please. Plus, is it a 60 or 100 amp? The frig is a dorm frig, everything else is natural gas. This panel is also supporting a separate building that is storage but has 7 outlet boxes. The house is 500 sqs.

I’d say it’s 60 amps based on the conductor size. Do a search on this MB for FPE and/or Stab-lok load centers. There is much to learn about these.

Good thing all I do is take cover off and take pictures!!! So, should I red flag this?

Educate yourself on these panels and make that decision yourself. . .

Thats not a 1933 panel and its not a 2007 panel. Looks like they rewired in the 1970’s. So it could be upgraded but does not meet current standards. Did you see knob and tube wiring still in use?