What am I?

No level 1’s and up answer… unless you just have to… hahaha, probably silly, but had prog open.

What am I and what do I do? What would you use me for?

I smell a RAT

Everyone already knows that is TN toilet paper gezzz.

hahaha Wayne, that’d leave a mark.

At least show a temp scale.

Ever wonder why they walk funny here lol

Fair enough

15 degrees to 59 degrees gee thanks for centigrade you British or something ?

Since you are in Cal I would guess something with refrigeration and it looks like a darn scrub pad.

Filter ?

It’s foil, intentionally shiny. I use it for something, but it’s not what I’m looking at.

It’s a trick question…

Jeez Wayne that is Tn toil paper did you not know in Oklahoma we use cactus for toilet paper and wear rattle snakes for a neck tie

Hey Tim you did not crumple that very much it works better with bigger crumples:p:mrgreen:

RAT’s that’s gettin picky. Only had a bit to spare after the toil paper incident.

did it get slippery when using it for toilet paper lol

Ok, would likely be impossible to guess without training.

taken from

Frost on window. Reduce humidity. Use exhaust fan.

Tin foil

Yep, it’s tin foil!

Answer’s a few replies back… and one of mine.