What amperage is this panel

The 1st and 3rd photos are two 75 amp breakers with a handle connecting them. The 2nd pic is the panel.

I called it 75 amp, because 75A + 75A = 75A
The appraiser told my client it’s 150A.
The letter from the electrician says it’s a double 75A. (Still 75A right?)

Main breaker.JPG

close up main.JPG


Hard to tell from your pictures. Is that third pic the service panel or a distribution panel. That box almost looks like a split system.

Looks like 75 amps.

The configuration almost kinda looks like a split panel, though I saw no indication of a convenience/lighting section. Just a single double-pole breaker marked as 75A. And that’s it, I suppose

I think you would be correct, Rule is that you call the lowest value. The main breaker is going to pop at 75 amps. Both breakers are 75 amps, and tied together.

Looks like 2/0 copper at the top entrance cable. (200AMPS service) and the 75AMP breakers (labeled main) limit the lower panel to its rated max.

Must be a small house and or has gas/ fuel major appliances.


I do not believe this is a split panel. If so, there would usually be a visible tie in from the lower breaker (usually bundled in a grouping of 4 2-pole at the top) and the lower section of the panel. Based on the physical configuration, I dont see room for 4 breakers at all. There are the main lugs, with bus bard and the 75 amp unit immediately beluw that area.

Also, the 75 amp breaker is clearly marked as “main disconnect”. You typically will never see it marked as such if there is a possibility of adding breakers at the upper section.

You are so observant. It was originally a smaller home with natural gas. Now there is an addition and the natural gas service has been terminated.

Thanks to all. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing my last marble.

That’s a 150A panel. Those 75’s are wired in parallel like some Siemens and GE panels do with 200’s. They use two 100’s in parallel.
See how the short feeders from the main lugs are run in parallel.
VERY odd setup for sure.


What’s a “double 75A” ???

Try again Sparky.

ps- I added the quotes.

This is one of very old QO series breaker box and that box is 150 amp main rating let me expain a little on this one.

you see non standard arrangement on the handle because this is a paralleded connectioned breaker so it is rated at 75 amp per lug so muti by 2 result is 150 amp.

you should able see the catalog #'s on the side of panel it will tell ya what size it is.

Merci, Marc

BTW this is not a split buss breaker box at all

That was the answer.


I learned something valuable today.

Thanks, Guys!

That’s what I wanted to know!

I couldn’t see anything else on the panel. Thank you for the edumacation:mrgreen:

That’s one weird panel, for sure. Only the second one I’ve ever seen like that. I think they were called QOA1, if I’m not mistaken. A relic.