What appears to be taped up wire nuts in panel

I opened up the panel in this home built in 1980 and found what appears to be wire nuts that are connected to 2 45 amp breakers. Would you write this up as a defect?


No it looks like that is an upgrade new panel from an old panel .

Likely the wire was too short and they have used split bolts to add a piece of wire to reach the new breakers
, No big deal if the wire is large enough for the load.
see picture

I agree with Roy, split bolt connectors and tape as insulation. You can see one on the bare copper conductor in the lower left portion of the photo which appears to be an extension of the GEC. Split bolts are not permitted for that extension.

The fact that the wires are spliced is not a problem. You can’t evaluate the quality of the splice because it is covered with tape. It may, or may not, be a wire nut (probably not). If there is no sign of overheating I personally would not call it out as a defect. What gauge are the wires? AWG-6 for 45 Amp breaker? Also, Do I see a white wire and a black wire in the same wire nut?
Chuck Boldin

I hope that is a plastic screwdriver

Lol John…it’s not a Fisher Price screwdriver…but it’s also not as close as it appears!