What are Mycotoxins? Got Mold?


Mycotoxins are toxic compounds naturally produced by fungi that are capable of causing a wide range of negative health effects in humans and animals. Researchers have identified over 300 mycotoxins already and believe that many have yet to be discovered. So far, government regulations focus on mycotoxins in relation to food (which is very important) but have not dealt with the toxic microorganisms in homes.

Molds produce mycotoxins as a self-defense mechanism when they feel threatened. What makes them feel threatened? As of now, scientists aren’t completely sure. Some evidence points to WiFi and electromagnetic frequencies, but we just don’t know the answer yet.


Mycotoxins produce a wide range of health symptoms including:

Brain fog

Respiratory issues

Digestive issues

Chronic fatigue

Autoimmune diseases


Neurological issues

Researchers are continuing to study the full effects of these toxins, but all agree that they are not what we want in your home environment. To ensure your safety, All American Restoration’s contamination remediation strategy always includes mycotoxins and we guarantee to eradicate them under our remediation standards. If you are not able to use us for any reason, here are some resources and research so that you can ensure that mycotoxins are eliminated from your environment. Everyone deserves to live a healthy and happy life!


Mycotoxins cause mycoses and mycotoxicoses. Mycoses is the umbrella word for fungal diseases and occurs when we breathe the toxin in or comes in contact with our skin. Mycotoxicoses is the umbrella word for diseases caused by ingesting mycotoxins.

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