What are some of the marketing ideas that worked

being new in the industry of home inspections i was curious of what some were doing or in some cases can remember what they did to get going.
I have been chatting with a few realestate people and am getting a small referral base started. With the idea of marketing i am confused as to what direction works and was wondering if some of the canadian folks help a brother out.
As I develop my plans and move forward i would like to bounce a few ideas and ideas off.

Thanks Billy

Go here…>> http://www.gogetforum.com/?mforum=marketing

Welcome William. Please note that todd is not a NACHI member.
Some think he has a bad attitude too.

I think his attitude is fine, he gave him a good site to check out.

What a surprise as his is similar to yours as a non-member.

Thank you. I try to help where I can.

jason1, to be honest with you I generally find your posts much more helpful than todds rantings.

Hi Bill!
Drop me a note at my Email address ( I sent it to you this morning in the message about NACHICAN) I would be happy to get together with you at the Timmy’s on Sydenham road ( or any other ) and give you some pointers about promotions in this area. We can do some “drive alongs” too if you want.


Thanks George
I’ll call ya later then