What are the amps of this panel?

This breaker panel has two shut-off breakers, each one with 200 amps. Does this mean the house has 400 amps available?

Also, the second photo shows two wires cut at the breaker attachments. Why would somebody install these two wires and then cut them. Why not remove the wires or the breakers if they were installed needlessly?

  1. No. That is a 200 amp quad breaker (it is NOT two breakers)

  2. Because they were not an electrician. Recommend to remove and keep breaker in Off position.


200amps. I see a double tap on one of the main breakers. As for the cut breaker wire it was probably a circuit that is no longer in use and was cut off. Im willing to make a wild guess that from the stranding that looks like SOW or welding cable. Probably a temp generator hook up at one point if thats the case.

Either way all the issues on this guy are an easy fix.