What are the benefits of becoming a CMI?

I have been receiving the same package for the last 7 or 8 years from the Master Inspector Certification Board. The only time I really think about it, is when I am on the forum and see some of you with your CMI behind your names. I have looked at the packages once or twice and must have a dozen copies of Stacks.

What would you say is the main benefit of getting your CMI?

Money. Read STACKS: A Home Inspector’s Guide to Increasing Gross Revenue

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What package are you talking about?

Yeah, what CMI package are you talking about? Are they sending you a bunch of CMI patches?

I also have been receiving a packet in the mail at least one a year for as long as I can remember!
I just happen to still have the last one received which I think usually come around the time the Christmas Party stuff gets shipped out.
(And no… no patches included, just marketing stuff, an Application, the mentioned Stacks book, and a ‘special offer’ (confidential??) from Nick.

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Using anything that will make you stand out in a crowd is a good marketing strategy.

I’ve had clients tell me they hired me because I am a CMI.


I think I still have a couple kicking around. :slight_smile:

I had also received several of those prior over the years. I don’t remember ever getting any CMI patches or marketing material to use with it though.

CMI is a marketing hammer - you need to use it, and not just have it. I have sold more inspections than I can count by being a CMI. It’s one of the best marketing hammers ever


No… marketing to ME, not potential clients! The entire packet is geared to get me to spend MY money!!


When I googled CMI this was one of the few images that showed up on Google for CMI. I did not find any benefit on Google.

Ian if you are a CMI, why does it not show up behind your name when you post on the forum? I Googled your name and nothing for CMI up to page 5.

I looked you up on the Inspector lookup and nothing on your profile for CMI. Where are you using this hammer to sell all these inspections?

I agree! Same here.

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I was the only CMI for years, one of the first, and it made a huge difference, in my area.


I have had the same experience as Kevin and others. Great marketing hammer!


My opinion only…
Pros: You may possibly get some business out of it, although I’ve been inspecting for 20 years and have never heard a client or Realtor even mention such a designation.
Cons: You pay a thousand inexplicable dollars for it, and in turn, likely accept more liability for having it.


I’d love to see some ROI or percentage of business increase after you start the CMI hammer marketing.

Has anyone done market research on their clients to see how much of a deciding factor the CMI was?

I guess I’m asking if there are any hard numbers either revenue increase or business increase percentage wise you’ll can or are willing to share that was directly attributed to being a CMI.

Actually, the FULL fee is $2,500.00

Impossible, unless every client and attempted client were polled for this information.
I can basically guarantee you that if you invest the same monies into quality advertising that you will always generate the same or better results for ROI.

Calls, website, talking with people, marketing material, social media, in the agent classes I teach, etc. Ian M. Robertson - Certified Master Inspector®


I guess it depends on your area. Around here they barely recognize any certification at all. So for me it’s just not worth the money. I know that there is a multi inspector outfit here who has all their guys get it. But frankly theirs seem to be based on the extra education loop hole more than the experience/education mix.

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