What are the little squares?


Everyone is can be voted up or down.
NACHI members cannot be banned (at this time)
Read previous postings.

Thanks to whoever voted me up again. :slight_smile:

All members and non-members get rated. Only non-members are affected by their ratings. If you’re a NACHI member you will never be banned by the reputation system.

Also, grey squares means you you don’t have much positive or negative reputation. Green is good reputation. Red is bad reputation.

Hope this clears things up.

Chris, and John, thanks for clearing up my questions on this matter. I try to read all I can, but with time and work? Again, I am very glad to hear that nachi members can not be removed from our BBS system. :stuck_out_tongue: </IMG>

Sorry Wendy can you tell me why it always some one Else’s fault.
I and I expect most Canadians have nothing against you .
A person I know has a saying many wounds are self afflicted.
Hoping for a good future for all . Roy Cooke

Why can’t we eliminate the voting on other members?

It seems like an unnecessary extension of the already aggravating exchanges between personalities that we have here.

Also, for what it’s worth, I FLATLY REFUSE to even click on the “for sale” spam posts and any of the canadian stupidiy, because I refuse to justify it with a “view” (since all they really want is attention anyway).

So, the net effect is that the only ones I can vote on are current members. We already have a method to report problem posts (just to the right of this newest thing). Why isn’t that good enough?

Or is it just that someone wanted to see what members thought of other members?

You notice how the guy with the Granny Smith apple in his face has a whole bunch of green squares…

Now why would Mark Roe and Joe Michalski have grey boxes? They, if anybody, should have a whole bunch of green boxes (without a Granny Smith apple).

Oh come on Joe, where is the sport in that :mrgreen:



Kind of like the TV Show “Survivor”, you’ll be voted off the Island.

Is the NACHI Board becoming a popularity contest?

Thanks, Jae. Apparantly, though, you must be mistaken as I have clearly been "slightly unhelpful in the past (it says so right there!)

I would vote for you but I have been giving away Reputation like a drunken sailor in the last 24 hours and have none left at this time.:smiley:

New and improved color-coded rating system:

5+ green squares: You are a Saint, and will soon be inducted directly to Heaven. Please do not jeopardize your color-code status by engaging in off-color humor or bashing of other professional association’s members. Your average inspection fee for a 2,000 s.f. 20-year old home is in excess of $500.00. Looking-good.

3-4 green squares: You have been reasonably helpful, and may later be considered for Sainthood. However, in the meantime, please stop flatulating publicly, and we’d appreciate it if you’d raise your average inspection pricing by at least $30 U.S.

1 or 2 green squares: You’re getting there, Mo. As an inspector, you’re no great shakes, (we know you failed the entrance exam at least twice), but you seem reasonably friendly, and have only bashed fellow inspectors occasionally. You need to raise your average inspection pricing by at least $50 U.S.

Gray square:** You’ve got a lot of work to-do. Fact is, we don’t really like you. Your $289.00 got you in the door, but 75%+ of your posts involve inspector-bashing, and we know you actually asked if residences required smoke detectors nowadays. Your average inspection price nets you enough to pay-off your paltry business expenses, but you’ll need to hang-on to your daytime job at $4.00 U.S. per hour just to stay afloat. Keep it-up, and you’ll be gone by XMas.**

Red, orange, or any other color square(s): Give-up. Your peers don’t like you. Your enemies don’t like you. Even your friends don’t like you. We’re pretty sure your wife, her sister and her sister’s kids don’t like you. Don’t worry about raising your average inspection fee, whatever your fee is, it’s too much. We’ll check with the webmaster (who, by the way, has well in-excess of five green squares), and have you removed at the earliest opportunity. And no, you don’t get your pro-rated annual dues back, either.


I beg your pardon, I barely know you.:stuck_out_tongue:

Very funny, Christopher! Keep it up and you, too will be “slightly unhelpful”!

If we get to negative Reputation, does the Darth Vader “Imperial Death March” play when we log in?:smiley:

I just about threw up laughing! :smiley:

Great, coming out the nose now. :wink:

I love that. I have that ringtone set for when my kids call me. :wink: :twisted:

I am thinking of starting a new intra nachi clique - something like:
The Society of Slightly Unhelpful People…

Do ya want in?:smiley: