What are the weird plastic caps for?

1974, townhouse, condos, in Montreal, Canada. The unit was at the middle of the four units.
The property is powered by electricity only.
These caps are located at the front door side. The AC condensation water was seen at rear side.
The weep holes were normally observed at the front and rear side.
Since the basement was completely finished by a renovation company and the unit was rent in past years, the seller agent cannot give any clue.
I am just curious to know what it was.


You could not see anything on the inside?..like a shut off valve for the non frost free spigot, for example…or where, what appears like plastic stub offs, go to on the inside?

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Fred masonry clearance!
Plastic circular Weep Vent
I personally never used them erecting masonry.
I am in Montreal Quebec.

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To keep critters out?

Nothing can see from inside.

It makes more sense. Thanks Robert. :grinning:

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The llink you shared is weeping cord. :slight_smile:


See JR’s post above. ^^^^^^ :thinking:


Just a wag here. But it is more than obvious someone has performed some type of site drainage or foundation water proofing repairs to keep that basement dry. Somebody did this work and someone paid for it. I suspect the answer lies with them.



Thank you, Junior. I was in a hurry on my way to inspect a century building.
I think I fixed it.

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More than a wag. The masonry clearance sucks!!!
I repaired many such water intrusion issues when brick clearance is poor by excavating, removing bricks, installing flashing and making concrete forms set at the proper clearance. Pain in the but working on your knees or sitting down.

Just a few of other things to “eliminate” if possible. Secondary drain pan pipe for HVAC and/or water heaters. Water heater TPRV drain pipe. Old lawn irrigation control conduit.

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Thank you for all your guy’s useful ideas. Could be kind of weep hole venting. Could be the old AC condensation drain or TPR pipe drain.
The two plastic pipes were installed through the middle of a brick and the holes were drilled perfectly. :smiley:

Teenager’s marijuana smoke evacuation system is what I’d put my money on :slight_smile:


kidding? Weed smoker and environmentalist !

Not to go off thread to far… That mortar ooze or rustic ooze profile was banned in 1981 as well as raked mortar joints, on clay masonry units.

Who banned them?


Quebec building unions.

We always called it “weeping mortar”. Rarely done because even though it looks easy, a mason told me that it is hard to make look good and the protruding mortar can be broken off. But not banned.

So basically… the poosey union(s) just refuse to do them any longer as they are too difficult and time consuming, not to mention that nobody (newby millennial’s) knows how to properly do them anymore!!

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