What are these floorboards made of?

I recently inspected a 50,000 Sq. Ft. apartment building. I am trying to figure out what the floorboards are made of. It is a prewar building. The picture on top in the ceiling in the lobby of the building. The one on the bottom is a picture taken from the basement. It looks like wood but it’s also a large building…

Picture shows the imprint of boards they where used as a cement form .
The floor is cement .

My guess would be poured concrete, but cant’ really tell without being there. The wood pattern would be from the form boards. Which war?

what Roy said…

Yep, it looks like poured concrete from here…

Man, you have no business inspecting that building!:roll::roll::roll:

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You know nachi is the best trained inspectors in the business.

FWIW, Its hard to tell in the pics but the ceiling could be done with plaster in areas. They did do some pretty impressive moulding work with that stuff.
Anything pre war or before the 1940 is always plaster.

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Thats what is I was thinking too.

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The original poster is listed as an INACHI Student. I wonder if this was a practice inspection? Probably not. He probably got paid.
And the client got what he paid for.

Well, that was a student type question, and Joseph’s a student, so I don’t see any problem. No point in jumping to conclusions with nothing but that post to go on.
It’s like the first time you ever drove a car, you know like the time you turned and asked, “the brake is the one on the right or the left?” as you approached the stop sign, did you call that driving? Yeah!

as others said

pic 1 much of what is seen is ornamental plaster

patterns from form boards has become a specified technique

pic 1 much of what is seen is ornamental plaster

pic 2 patterns in concrete pours from form boards has become a specified technique

Joseph, the responders are correct, it is a poured concrete floor that shows an imprint of the wood form boards, hence your confusion.

I apologize for some of the responses.
They seem to have forgotten what it’s like to learn and make mistakes.

I agree and second your apology.