What are these patched holes?

Can anyone tell what these holes may have been made for? Block foundation with a horizontal crack and step cracks in the area, but I’m not sure that is relevant. A rancher in WV, built in the early 70’s. The relief valve piping is pretty nifty too. Thanks in advance.

Rich Carter
Rich Carter LLC
Martinsburg, WV




Pest control (Termite) treatment.


On another note - the cracking patterns are relevant!

Based on what I see in the photo - wall is overloaded from the outside, perhaps from frost, soil pressure, or improper backfill. Appears to be bowing inward.

Observe - the block wall crack is in a mortar joint and is wider on the inner face, than the typical 3/8" mortar joint.

Step cracks are indicative of “settlement”.

Based on what I see in those photos - I’d be recommending further evaluation by a professional.

Thank you for the input gentlemen. We had considered termite treatment, but just wasn’t sure. And I definitely recommended further evaluation on the cracks. There was significant bowing and some settlement. The buyer didn’t seem too concerned. Has friends in the business. Must be getting a very good deal on the home.

Tpr looks wrong as well

Do you actually see a TPR, or are you ASSUMING there is one installed??? :mrgreen:

I cant believe how many discharge pipes are installed wrong.

Good catch Claude.

Not for nothing, but all the visible plumbing work is a little sloppy isnt it ? Solder joints are messy, not wiped. And the relief valve pipe shoud be extended to 6" above floor, shouldnt it ? I always look at workmanship too, it says something about the workers professionalism. Gives me more reason to check his work a little closer!