What are these pipes?

Okay, this mansion had these pipes sticking out of the ground in the three car garage. The home is on a well and septic. The well, with pressure tank, is in the back yard. The home does not have gas. Any ideas what these pipes are for? I am at a lost.(8\)

What these water pipes are for … who knows, maybe an old tap for washing cars. The copper appears old and the galvanized is even older. How old is the building?

I agree water pipes, the construction does not look to old, did you see that line in the far corner

Looks like the remains of a pressure gauge on top for what that’s worth. Maybe this was a loop for a whole house filter or a water softener that was never installed.

The home was constructed in 1994. I know they look like water supply pipes, but what in the world for?

I have a utility sink in my garage, and the plumbing lines run under the slab. Possible here?? Was there a rough drain anywhere?