What are these things from RWS?

RWS sent these out. Got a pack of 2 today. Not sure what they are but work nice for honing my kitchen blade

Got them also. Couldn’t figure what they are. My wife says there are coasters. They seem too small for that.

Perhaps there’s a Nathan secret chip in there to collect information. … …


Oh my, don’t get the COVID heads started……


Same discussion we had. Hmmm…

Wonder if the kid on the fake bills they sent out last year will tell us?

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Mirror Man 1

I quit that lame ass game a while back. But the fishing pics were good. E

You near the hiawassee dam? Have family down that way in Murphy, NC

They are drink coasters for the drink holders in your car/truck. The cut-out is so you can lift it out with your finger.



Brian’s always got the answers! BTW nice nails.:joy:


And/Or GPS tracking

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About 10 miles south of the dam near the south end of Lake Chatuge where the Hiwassee river feeds into the lake.

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Beautiful place to call home. Haven’t been down there in 25 years.

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Right on, thanks!

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Too funny that there is a thread on this :smiley: I got mine in the mail today and l looked at my wife and I said “WTH are these?”. She gladly educated me and said “I’ll take them for my car!” Glad I wasn’t the only one left scratching my head HA HA!


So… are all of you that received them RWS Cult Members, or received as random bribes to garner your revenue generating data??

Bribes mostly. I offered their “warranties” for a short while. Wasn’t happy with their claims process and their advertising is a bit misleading.

Still use their lab for mold, asbestos, etc, but not water. They’re quick on turn around and reasonably priced

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