What Are These Things?

Did you get paid for the full inspection.
I am curious and if you do not want to post the answer I will understand totally.

NO Robert I did NOT get paid for full inspection.

I was doing a Duplex & another 8-10 Plex Unit

I was 1.5 hour into the duplex ONLY when this was found.

Investor from Alaska called it off at that point.

Never finished the other half of duplex or 8-10 plex.

So I simply charged him $450

You are honest and forth coming in your work ethics.
I applaud you for your decisions.
I thank you for your honesty and I am looking at, how I would handle a situation like this having never had the opportunity to do so.
I will do as you have done as per situation and work out an hourly figure to accommodate the client.

Robert -

I had 45 minute drive each way. I did the roof, exterior, attic and 2nd floor half of the duplex when the termites came up & deal went south.

I wrote a report on Roof, Exterior, Attic, 2nd Floor half of Duplex and WDI.

So thats what I charged him for.

Thank you for that Mr.Bowers I am going to take note.
As I explained in a post yesterday I did inspections before and as you into inspecting the home the deal breaker comes up and I have walked away without asking or refusing payment.
Next time I will think before I make do it again.
I will be doing this as my only primary means of income, and with so mush more learning, certification, tools, and a registered business invested in myself as proof.

You wake up this AM with massive pain in your head and go to doctor.

He sends you to Xray OR Imaging where they do a MRI. Half way though the tests you discover a tack sticking in the back of your head. It was hidden by your thick locks. The doctor says - Hey no problem, lets call off the rest of the Tests.

So you leave and the doctors office says / Well since he didn’t get the whole battery of tests we WON"T charge him anything - RIGHT.

Oh HELL no

Unless we act like professionals, we get treated like rubes.

I’m not a charity … I do this for a living.

I understand the payment part for working.
What I do not understand is your sentences references.

Of course it’s pay or do not play.
Every circumstance has it only definition. That’s all.
I have gained huge dividends:D by refusing payment for things that I thought were not warranted.
I understand.

Robert - What I’m saying is too many of our group give our work away.

I here you. I see the prices that some HI are charging. 99 dollars.
Thanks Mr. Bowers.