what are these?

saw these over the weekend… not sure what they are for…

look like some type of cover for guttering or to prevent icicles? you got me!!! :roll:


oops… gotta pay my dues… im a non member now…

They’re called Rainsavers I believe. That’s a brand name. they act as a gutter by misting the water onto the ground when it rains, so you don’t end up with a trench in the ground, from the water hitting in the same spot all the time. They work quite well. Like I said, I think that’s the brand name, but will look into it further for you. they work pretty good.

The water runs down the roof and instead of flowing to a spout through a gutter, it trickles through the louvres, and spreads before it hits the ground.

makes sense now that you mention it… thanks… i gotta get renewed soon… I look like an outsider now…

I agree…

Next time you go to a State/County Fair…check out all the vendors with their New gizmo’s… that is where I first saw these.

If these are on a roof edge with a basement below, I can smell the damp basement now.

$hit yeah david!.. perimeter drains in the basement were full… water running in… then some perculating up through a crack in the slab… you nailed it!

Of course, I see this on a daily basis.

I absolutely love basement inspections. I can’t shut up when I get into a basement with a client.

My clients love my gabbing.


Interesting find there Jeff; and don’t forget to renew. ha. ha.

I never seen that around here either.

Thanks Barry;

According to the installation video, it diverts the water 3-4’ away from the overhang, so it would be interesting to see one work.

Have you seen one down your way?

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

these were not working… it was dripping right down to the ground below… not much difference…

Jeff, I can’t imagine they work when frozen solid with icicles. Ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

this is an area below these Rainhandlers…

Well, I see, they seem to work well in keeping the snow melted. ha. ha.

I think I will stay with my frozen gutters. At least when they thaw out, they get the water away. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

Thank you for the correct brand name Barry. Yes you can find these at just about every county fair you go to.

It is obvious they would work best during a heavy rain , and they are not proper.Need that six feet.Mist or no mist, and in this case gutters are missed.

Not following that part Bob. Are these not intended to be used without gutters? Just curious.

Those look to be first-generation Rainhandler, but they have not been installed properly.

I have put Rainhandler on my properties back in Texas and they work extremely well. I am very pleased with them.

What a waste of hard earned dollars.