What are these?

Need a little help on what these concrete attachments are. There is a matching pair on the opposite side of the house as well.

Maybe for stairs foundation never built.
Were the front stairs concrete?

Could have been plans for a wrap-around veranda?

John Kogel

Just a wrap around wood deck with wood stairs. Seems like overkill for stairs.

The look about the right width though.
Defiantly something heavy was planned for that spot.


this maybe
these look reverse installed? or oops!

I don’t know, Barry. The link you provided seems to be the best idea yet. Client is waiting for some kind of definitive answer. Thanks for the input.

i forwarded your pix to a P.E. buddy
i’ll let you know what he says if he replies

Greatly appreciate it, Barry.

They are brackets for stair platforms that were never built, probably because of plan changes after the foundation was poured. Nothing more, nothing less.


I’m going with that. Thanks to all.

Has the house always been there?

They could also be end caps for the new bike rack being installed next week.:shock::shock::shock:

Did you notice these on any other properties in the area?

Wayne, Yes, the house has been there since 1979.
Richard, No other homes within walking distance visibly have them. They are part of a monolith pour. I’m satisfied with the stair platform theory. Thanks again to all who helped.