What are these

These where located in the bedrooms and bathrooms ceilings. They where manufactured by Bluegrass electronic LaGrange Ky. in 1989.
I want to think smoke detectors. No test button. I’ve never known any one to put smoke detectors in bathrooms any help would be appreciated.

I would say a portion of an intrusion alarm system…see the nomenclature on the circuit board…shock (i.e. glass breakage), Mic (microphone), audio (pick up sounds). A potentiometer is visible to adjust sensitivity, red & green LED’s for power on and alarm sensed. That’s my guess and I’m sticking with it! Why someone would be worried about a bathroom burglar I don’t know. They would have fed back to a central monitoring system somewhere in the home but that may be gone now.

if you check out their page that makes sense they sell security systems

I think it’s an occupancy sensor. (acoustic)

Think clap on clap off.

There should have been a control panel and someplace.


If elderly or handicapped occupied the home, could be sensors in case of accident to alert caregiver?